The SOWUG e-Service platform will be a result of a forward thinking government and a proactive ICT sector within Soweto. This e-service platform will enable ordinary Soweto citizens to access government services without physically visiting a government office.

e-Services encompasses e-Government which provides better service to citizens and businesses at less to the Shared Service of government and can make shared service a more attractive platform to be and make business with government. E-Services makes it easier for citizens to conduct their affairs with government and simply retrieve information they need.

Benefits of e-Services include:

  • Convenience bringing public service to citizens on their schedule and their venue
  • Citizens gain access to government services in their homes and offices.
  • Improved customer service: e-service allows Government shared services to redeploy resources from back-end processing to the front-line of customer service
  • Enabling electronic self-service for routine citizen interactions allows government to focus more attention on aspects of customer service that are most challenging
  • Increased access to information: e-services improve the accessibility of government information to citizens allowing it to become an important resource in making the decision that affect daily life.
  • Government collects vital and important information. This vital information becomes readily accessible and can provide powerful incentive to professional to monitor the quality of their own service.
  • Low cost of doing business: e-services lowers the cost of doing business and increases access to information.
  • Electronic transactions save time compared to conducting business in person, no driving and no waiting time.

E-Services include: e-Tax, e-Police, e-Records, e-Elections, e-Registration, e-Grants, e-Counsel and e-Schools amongst others.