The e-Learning platform on the SOWUG network aims to assist end users, learners, academics, students, teachers, parents, researchers, entrepreneurs and graduates to make informed and innovative decisions in regard to:

  • Their teaching and acquisition of knowledge in different faculties and disciplines
  • Sustainable livelihoods (personal, social and professional development)
  • Career guidance and career development

Our role in this respect is to ensure that Soweto communities and SOWUG users are supported in their academic activities by developing and collading literature, different modules, programs and scripts like Past exam paper, business development modules amongst others. This Platform aims to explore, contribute to and engage critically with the beneficiaries and end users, on some of the subjects and topics published and listed mostly on the e-Learning. In partnership with service providers, some of the platform activities include:

  • Promoting and advancing a computer literate and fully informed community using digital literacy amongst other things
  • Promotion of Free public Education
  • Creating the social and ethical conditions which will enable users to own their learning
  • Working with you to understand your business and eLearning needs and vision vision
  • Engagement of institutional communities (Experts, professional, Professors and Researchers) which encourage community education, participation and practice to different Faculty departments
  • Assisting you in developing an effective and efficient e-Learning plan