The e-Business platform will be used for administration of businesses via internet and the SOWUG network for development and growth of small businesses and penetration of National retailers. This includes buying and selling of goods and services, along with providing technical or customer support through the network. The services of e-Business will also encompass e-Commerce and e-Procurement. Activities include:

  • Business and NPO registrations
  • Use of internet and SOWUG network to conduct research and manage business activities, like promotions or specials
  • Tax submissions and Social development NPO submissions
  • Use of electronic transacting like online banking
  • Business development apps like (financial management and stock control) including compliance reporting to SARS.
  • Website marketing, online communication and on-line training of staff
  • Business directory of small businesses, organisations and national retailers

Advantages of e-business

  • Quick and easier communication, strengthened marketing capabilities and reach
  • Increased hours of operation (24/7 info to existing and potential customers)
  • Access to broader information through research
  • Reduction in the cost (transaction) of doing business and increasing efficiency methods of payment, stationery and postage
  • Opportunities to adopt new business models and develop customer support.