Our Storyfrom humble beginnings

From humble beginnings…

SOWUG was established in February 2010 as an NPO that seeks to promote information sharing through wireless communication. Its true form was from an organization called Johannesburg Wireless User Group that provided wireless services through game playing and chatting to friends who have deployed the Wi-Fi networking at their homes. As founders of SOWUG, we then felt that it is necessary to customize our network to cater for the intellectual, social, and economic needs of our community not just limited to information sharing and social networking but also to enhance the development of the broader community through self-empowerment and self-education programmes amongst others.

Our Beneficiaries

Community and Youth in general
We provide this group with a free wireless digital communication and information platform, which has a community, business and youth directory for self-improvement, self-education and self-empowerment purposes (at personal, social and professional levels).

Young adults, professional and graduates
By providing this group with opportunities to contribute back to communities with their knowledge, skills and expertise. The network will create a conducive environment to finding employment, marketing ideas, business and social innovations for this group.

Small and Medium Business
By providing this group with referrals information and adhoc business support and development services. The network will create a marketing and advertisement platform to enhance their businesses visibility and products.

Government departments and other stakeholders
By bridging the gap between service delivery, communication and social investment through a free wireless network. We will continue fostering fruitful relationships with government institutions and our partners in order to ensure that our network provides helpful and actionable insight, hindsight, foresight, support, advice and guidance to end-users.

Meet the TEAM

Jabulani Vilakazi - Executive Director
5 years in the ICT and Wireless industry. He has been working for one of the telecommunications giants in Africa for the past for 4 years. EXPERTISE: Wireless Network Engineering administrator.

Gabriel Ramokotjo - Organisational Secretariat
Setting up name servers for domain names, resolving DNS queries using Linux operating system, is technical team for new Top Level Domain (gTLD) .AFRICA, Sits on ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) advisory board. Provides leadership and builds strategic partnerships.

Thato Mfikwe - Financial Director
4 years in Project and Financial Management, 2years in Market Research and Analysis, Advocacy and lobbying, 3 years in Strategic Leadership and Management. 6 months in Financial Administration, EXPERTISE: Finance and accounting TUT Graduate, Certified in Project Management and strategic leadership, skilled in Skills development, Marketing, Business Development and Support, New venture creation, Market Research and Analysis, Budgeting amongst others (International, NPO, FMCG, Financial services and public sector/service experience).

Refilwe Segopa - PR and Marketing
Refilwe Segopa the founder of Soweto BizLink a social enterprise organisation since 2010 that strives to put Soweto’s brand in the forefront of an on-line Global Digital Village. She holds a Business Analysis Certificate with View Point IIBA and has studied Marketing Communications with the Institute for Marketing Management and CIS. She has more than 10 years professional business experience in various fields and has passion for Development in ICT sectors. Her extensive experience includes marketing, sales, project management, event management, consultancy and servicing well-established organisations in business administration.

Kodishang Tshwaane - Communication and Web Development
Kodishang Tshwaane is the founder of KNK Consulting which is a web development agency based in Soweto, specializing in web development, social media branding and online marketing. He was a communications officer at Social Development Western Cape Head Office for 1 year and worked at Wolwekloof Academy for 4 years, which was a Social Development project – during 2006 and 2009.

Paul Muller - Strategic Director
16 years in the Internet and Telecoms industry having been a director at Vox and its COO.

Brian Magwaza - Technical Director
BSC Computer Science graduate from University of Cape Town, has networking, A+ and N+ experience, also founder of Nijinjicom a network and Wi-Fi service company based in Soweto.

Lucas Luthuli - Project Coordinator
Computer studies and training, Wi-Fi installation and networking and community service.

Sello Dibedi - Project Coordinator
TUT Graduate - ICT training, e-learning, entrepreneurship, project management and facilitation. Previous Gauteng online Facilitator.

Office Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8:30am - 5pm
Friday and Saturday: 8:30pm - 3pm

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Soweto Wireless User Group (SOWUG) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, that provides free wireless solutions and it is currently based in Soweto.


3137 Diokane Street,
Central Jabavu